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Our Mission


Our mission is to not only offer herbal blends that are rich in flavor and nutrients for your body; we hope to enrich you with reminders of the Divine Design™.

Nature, of which we all are apart, has the solution for every ‘problem’ if we simply tune in. 

My name is Saba and I am a true lover of the earth and natural world. Being a student of botanicals for over 14 years, I have been formulating herbal regiments for friends and family consistently and have experienced seemingly miraculous results over the years. My community has encouraged me to share my knowledge with the world.

All of the herbs used within my blends have been used historically and are gentle enough for general public. It has been my intention to offer ways for everyone to get the benefits of herbs, and it is through tea blends (that taste good) that I am satisfied to make it accessible. There is no need to be perfect on the healing (or any journey) the key is to start, and keep starting, and keep going, because you are worth it, and feeling good is possible.

So with one cup of tea, you are connecting with the potent benefits of herbs, roots, and unique fruits of this earth, while recognizing the magnificence of your own body and it’s resonance with the creation that is available for our nourishment. 

We invite you to share with us your reminders as you sip on our High Tech Healing herbal blends as we journey on this path called life.


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Dried Seamoss

Chondrus Crispus

My husband had the onset of a cold and I gave him a couple glasses of the ‘I Am Powerful’ tea, he felt better so quickly, our whole family loves it!

Khadijah M

I have been taking the Good for Gut formula for 2 weeks now and to say that I feel good is an understatement. I am a life long customer. Saba educated me on all the benefits of the various herbs. I am inspired to incorporate cold brew teas into my every day. 

Veronika S

I have PCOS and taking the In Harmony blend has already helped me have an easier period within one cycle. It also smells so heavenly!

Rose L
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