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I’MPERFECT: Butterfly Immunitea Blend


This blend is in collaboration with the Grammy Award Winning artist, Sharon Marley, to offer an insight of life’s journey similarly to the metamorphosis of a butterfly, and the value of nourishing health for the entire family. I’MPERFECT Immuni-Tea unveils a symphony of harmonious fruity flavors. It is wonderful as it turns blue/purple and with added citrus transforms. The infusion of sweet strawberries, delicious apricot, and soothing cinnamon, creates a harmonious blend that is as refreshing as it is delicious. The tea is subtly sweetened with a hint of apple, making it an irresistible treat that is kid-friendly and adult approved, to be enjoyed hot or cold. The herbs and ingredients in this blend are safe for children from age 1 who are eating solids (this is not the case for all herbs). Being that Sharon Marley has always placed a great emphasis on early childhood development and mental health awareness, this blend has been crafted with family and loved ones in mind.

I’MPERFECT is a foundational blend with immune-boosting compounds, packed with antioxidants, and studies have shown ingredients can support with reducing inflammation, respiratory health, and antiviral/antibacterial activity, making it a wonderful daily ritual that supports resilience.

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Clean Cat Bundle: Vaginal Suppositories


A bundle to support vaginal wetness, eradicate bacterial vagnosis, and help balance hormones and vaginal health. Can increase libido and freshness. All bundles include instructions and best practices for healthy vaginal PH and sustainable health

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I Am Free: Lymphatic Flow


I AM FREE is a delicious blend that supports the lymphatic system. Your key to reducing swelling, enhancing detoxification, and supporting overall well-being. This peachy blend is designed to naturally lower cortisol levels, helping you find balance and regain control. Your path to FREEDOM begins here.

INGREDIENTS: calendula blossom, rooibos, date pieces, peach pieces EU STANDARDS

The lymphatic system is responsible for several essential functions in the body:

Fluid Balance: It collects excess tissue fluid, known as interstitial fluid, and returns it to the bloodstream, maintaining proper fluid balance and preventing swelling (edema).

Immune Defense: Lymph nodes house immune cells that detect and neutralize pathogens, making it a central part of the body’s immune defense mechanism.

Detoxification: The lymphatic system helps remove waste products, toxins, and cellular debris, supporting the body’s natural detoxification processes.

Nutrient Transport: It aids in the absorption of dietary fats and transports them to the bloodstream for energy and storage.

Overall, the lymphatic system is vital for maintaining health, supporting the immune system, and ensuring that the body functions optimally.

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KING: Men’s testosterone support


It is no secret that the toxins with our environment have disrupted both male and female hormones. Everything from plastics to fragrances have caused a major shift, and for men it is a drastic reduction in testosterone. This can also be attributed to our lifestyles and eating habits, however the more we tune in with our bodies, the more we will align with the tools that nature has for us to be optimally fit and healthy.

This KING formula helps improve stress hormone profiles by lowering cortisol, supporting testosterone, increase libido, build muscle mass, boost mood and energy. On average men are noticing a difference within a couple days of taking this formula. It is not a magic pill, however over time, and in combination with exercise, healthy choices, and sunshine, it can support your T levels exponentially. 

Make the choice and stay committed. This blend can be paired with the LIVELY LIVER formula, I AM POWERFUL, or TRUST YOUR GUT. All organs must be functioning properly for optimal health, however feeling good and internally balanced is a good starting point. Send the word DETOX to get info regarding our Cleanse Calendar which will offer monthly support starting with kidney and adrenals, then liver, lymphatic system and more; all of these also contribute to our hormone profiles and together we can feel well and properly balanced and in our power.


INGREDIENTS: tongkat ali, black maca root, ashwaganda, tribulus t fruit, ginger


55 capsules, 1-3 capsules per day, starting with 1 per day

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Pregnancy Tea- Deliverance- 3rd Trimester


The DELIVERANCE Herbal Blend is a pregnancy tea that supports the uterus to prepare for labor and childbirth during the third trimester.

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