I Am Free: Lymphatic Flow


I AM FREE is a delicious blend that supports the lymphatic system. Your key to reducing swelling, enhancing detoxification, and supporting overall well-being. This peachy blend is designed to naturally lower cortisol levels, helping you find balance and regain control. Your path to FREEDOM begins here.

INGREDIENTS: calendula blossom, rooibos, date pieces, peach pieces EU STANDARDS

The lymphatic system is responsible for several essential functions in the body:

Fluid Balance: It collects excess tissue fluid, known as interstitial fluid, and returns it to the bloodstream, maintaining proper fluid balance and preventing swelling (edema).

Immune Defense: Lymph nodes house immune cells that detect and neutralize pathogens, making it a central part of the body’s immune defense mechanism.

Detoxification: The lymphatic system helps remove waste products, toxins, and cellular debris, supporting the body’s natural detoxification processes.

Nutrient Transport: It aids in the absorption of dietary fats and transports them to the bloodstream for energy and storage.

Overall, the lymphatic system is vital for maintaining health, supporting the immune system, and ensuring that the body functions optimally.

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