KING: Men’s testosterone support


It is no secret that the toxins with our environment have disrupted both male and female hormones. Everything from plastics to fragrances have caused a major shift, and for men it is a drastic reduction in testosterone. This can also be attributed to our lifestyles and eating habits, however the more we tune in with our bodies, the more we will align with the tools that nature has for us to be optimally fit and healthy.

This KING formula helps improve stress hormone profiles by lowering cortisol, supporting testosterone, increase libido, build muscle mass, boost mood and energy. On average men are noticing a difference within a couple days of taking this formula. It is not a magic pill, however over time, and in combination with exercise, healthy choices, and sunshine, it can support your T levels exponentially. 

Make the choice and stay committed. This blend can be paired with the LIVELY LIVER formula, I AM POWERFUL, or TRUST YOUR GUT. All organs must be functioning properly for optimal health, however feeling good and internally balanced is a good starting point. Send the word DETOX to get info regarding our Cleanse Calendar which will offer monthly support starting with kidney and adrenals, then liver, lymphatic system and more; all of these also contribute to our hormone profiles and together we can feel well and properly balanced and in our power.


INGREDIENTS: tongkat ali, black maca root, ashwaganda, tribulus t fruit, ginger


55 capsules, 1-3 capsules per day, starting with 1 per day

68 in stock (can be backordered)